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Many business owners are constantly thinking about ways in which they can improve their website and keep up with the latest technological advances. Video has grown massively in popularity over the last decade and they are popping up on more and more websites than ever before. Depending on what industry your business is in, video can work for you in many ways. If you want to showcase your showroom, introduce your members of staff or give a talk about the ethos of your company then having a short video will be a great way to interact with your viewers, allowing them to actually see for themselves.

Unless you are doing a presentation or tutorial most videos should be approximately two to three minutes long maximum to ensure you do not lose the viewers interest.

Retailers within the fashion industry are often seen using video to show off their clothing range. Seeing an item of clothing on a person in a video often helps the customer to see how it fits and moves as you walk which can be a massive selling point.

Some car dealerships are even using video to show potential customers a 360 degree view of the inside and the outside of a vehicle.