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When a company launches a business website, they may find that it takes a few months to get the website functioning effectively so that it is bringing in new business so how can a company boost traffic to their website and start seeing the benefits of having a presence online?

Probably the most effective strategy when aiming to generate more traffic to a website and ultimately more business is by using search engine optimisation or SEO. The vast majority of people use a search engine when looking for services or products so by using keywords and phrases on the website search engines will direct searches to your website pages and hopefully generate new business.

It is important to get your website known and Email marketing is one way to do this. It can be highly effective if the right clients are targeted and is a low-cost way of promoting a business and encouraging potential customers to visit your site and subscribe.

Having links on the website to social media platforms is another way of potentially increasing traffic to your website as for many people now a days this is the first place they look when thinking of buying products and services. It is important to keep the pages up to date because regular posting on your social media business page will increase the chances of further enquiries directed to your website.