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If you have a blog for your website, it is very important to keep adding to it. There are a few reasons as to why a blog should be updated from a user and search engine point of view. If users have taken an interest in your blog and maybe registered to receive alerts as to when new posts have been created, they would expect to see it maintain active. If you do not update your blog often, you may find that people have changed their email address and you lose contact with them. You also need to consider that the information on your blog is still relevant. If for example, you have posted about a special offer you had and it was over a year ago, this does not look very professional and will put people off reading any more. Search engines like to see that a blog and /or website is update and relevant. The reason that they rank this in their algorithm is that if the site is stale and the information not current then it may not be the best site for their users – this in turn looks bad on them. Read more...

Many people chose to create a business blog, but it’s important to make sure that a month later it doesn’t turn stale. Some companies may find they’re soon bored of their blog or perhaps they aren’t too concerned about updating it, and this can be an issue. By creating a plan of what you want your blog to do and be about, you can ensure that it doesn’t turn stale, and that it sets out to achieve like it was supposed to. Many blogs are created to engage with customers and build relationships, which makes perfect sense, but for this to occur it must be updated constantly, and by making a plan of the content your readers may be interested in, you can ensure you have plenty of ideas for its future. It’s important to consider a blogs design beforehand, because this can mean you may require a unique professionally designed blog, and if so, research should be taken to find the ideal designer for your business blog. Read more...

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