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The world of marketing is ever changing and advancing and it is important to try and keep up with the times and progress your online marketing at the same time.

One of the newer forms of digital marketing to hit the market is video brochures. This a basically a traditional printed brochure that incorporates an LCD screen that plays a video. This is a great way to interact with your customers on a more personal level. Not only does this save on paper and printing costs but it easily allows you to update/ make changes to the brochure instantly if you need to.

The beauty of these brochures are you can allow people to download then to their deice to then browse at their leisure, even if they have no internet connection. You can even add videos in to your brochure and the option to view products from a 360 degree angle. These videos can even be personalised to each customer with a “Hello Mr Jones” for example.

The future is full of new and exciting technological advances that will soon become a big part of our daily lives and we never quite know where it is going to lead to in years to come.