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As the big search engines tell us, content is king and any site that wants to rank well in the search listings needs to have fresh and relevant content. Many businesses simply do not have the time or resources to be adding new content to their site on a daily or weekly basis, so hey often fall in to the trap of installing a plug in which will upload other content to their site automatically. There are a few issues with this and one of the biggest is duplicate content. Some of these programs take articles or content from other sites and paste it directly on to yours. If Google finds this content it can remove one or both the sites from the listings causing you to lose positions of even from ranking at all.

The other issue with these types of tools is that they often will spin the content so that it is different from the other sits, but to an extent that it no longer makes sense and does not read well. If your customers read this, they may be put off from using you and you may find that although you get visitors, the site does not actually convert them in to sales.