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Google offers a PPC programme called Google Adwords. It is extremely popular amongst businesses of all sizes that wish to advertise on the web. Setting up an Adwords campaign is fairly straight forward, or it may appear so, but the difference between setting up a campaign and setting up one that is actually going to perform well is massive. If you want to try Adwords then I would suggest employing a PPC specialist to set this up for you. They will have the software and knowledge to be able to create a list of relevant search terms that are going to be achievable in terms of rankings for your budget.

The great thing about Adwords is it is instant and so is the tracking. You can go in to the Google Adwords backend system on a daily or even hourly basis and see how well your campaign is performing. There are so many options available to you in Adwords that unless you know what you are doing it can get a little confusing and can be quite easy to get it wrong.