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Competition is fiercer than ever today, and to succeed, your company needs to provide information to investors, clients, media, and the general public to keep your profile high. Telling your company’s story and telling it well is a key to building your brand and increasing your success. By having marketing collateral items (like newsletters, brochures, and press kits) on hand, you’re prepared for every opportunity to tell people about your business in an inviting, engaging manner. Brands are built step by step, and being ready to give your company’s story in any situation helps you take the necessary steps toward a higher profile in your industry.

 What Marketing Collateral Products Do You Need?

Needs vary somewhat based on what kind of business you have, but in general, a good Northampton marketing collateral collection should include:

  • Company fact sheet
  • Product or services fact sheet
  • Mission statement
  • Bios of key personnel
  • Client list
  • Press kit

Some businesses may also include clip files about the company in their marketing collateral assortment. These products, when well-designed and professionally printed, work as advertising and promotion, spreading the word about your business even in your absence. Cutting corners on design and printing for Northampton marketing collateral products can needlessly hurt your business. These items are very influential regarding making a good first impression.

 Great Creative Design Company Northampton Boosts your Brand

You don’t necessarily have to get gimmicky with your marketing products, but great design is always a must. If your company does not employ design professionals, it’s OK because the best Creative Design Company Northampton services are available to take marketing products all the way from concept to design, prototype, production, and delivery. An excellent design and production company knows that by making your business look good, they make their own business look good as well. Finding a comprehensive graphic services provider is one of the best investments you can make in building your business and promoting it.

 How Marketing Collateral Benefits Small Businesses

Your company may not have a Fortune 500 budget for marketing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have stunning brochures, fact sheets, bio sheets, and business cards. Today’s technology means that the best in graphics design is available to small businesses as well as large ones. Setting your small business apart from the competition means showing the world what makes your company great and doing so with designs that are on par with what the big companies can afford.

 Services from Concept to Delivery

If you run a small business, you may not have a creative designer on staff. But you don’t have to if you have access to graphics service providers that can take your marketing collateral, advertising, or packaging from concept to delivery. Look for providers that match your project with a production coordinator so that you’re kept informed at every step of the process. There is no reason at all why your small business shouldn’t have marketing collateral and advertising products that are the envy of small and large competitors.