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Pay per click advertising (or PPC) is where you can make money on each ‘click’ or visit that you get to your website. There are many ways of promoting your website both directly and in-directly and a lot of this is done using social media sites where you can address a large volume of people for a fairly low expense.

One popular way of getting more clicks to your site is posting articles known as click bait, now this can also be used in scammer type websites so it’s important that you realise the right way of going about it to ensure that you don’t get complaints or end up annoying potential customers.

Article sharing can be a great way to get visits to your site, sharing news stories or interesting studies that relate to your business. Once you have this information feeding to your site then you can share a link that will direct customers to your website with a tag line of something such as ‘Wow this really is a must read before you buy a house’ or ‘Can’t believe they can get away with that, shocking!’

These tag lines are meant to entice people to keep reading but they should also be true and should accurately reflect the article that you have shared to avoid people feeling that they have been duped into visiting your website.