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The world of blogging is an ever increasing one with many people starting up blogs of their own each day, but how do you make yours stand out? And what can you do to ensure that yours is a success?

Before you start a blog it’s important to look for a niche in the market, read other blogs to get inspiration and ask yourself the question ‘what would I want to read about?’

Some of the best blogs are written in quite a relaxed manner and may be with regards observation of daily life or advice blogs about raising children or a particular hobby. Whatever you choose to write about the most important thing is to write with passion, no one wants to read someone rambling on about a subject that has no interest, find something you love and the writing will flow easily.

You can then share your blog via social media and regularly update the content and ask for peoples opinions. The most popular blogs tend to spark a bit of controversy and that alone is great advertising!