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The use of images in web marketing to engage with an audience is nothing new and it could be said that a strong image can speak more than a thousand words. Visuals communicate thought and emotion whilst communicating in a way which words on their own cannot do.

With high-tech cameras on our smartphones being carried around in almost every pocket across the world, capturing an image has never been so easy. The ability to upload images to the internet instantly wherever you are makes image creation accessible to everyone. Smartphone users also have access to a whole range of filters to improve and edit their images, meaning that creating the perfect image can be done quickly and simply.

Although images are easy to create, when choosing images for a website it is important that they convey the message that you want your users to understand. A recent study found that online content with good images get 94% more views than those without. When it comes to it you can lead a customer to your product online, but unless it looks attractive and the image confirms that they need your product or service, the customer will click away at the final moment, and they will not complete the transaction or engage with your brand. Although quality well-written text can be persuasive, some well-placed images can take it one step further.