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It is vitally important in this difficult time for businesses to promote your company, products and services as effectively as you can within the limits of your marketing budget, so what is the most effective way of doing this without spending a fortune?

The central aspect for any business is to get the company brand recognised by the previously identified target audience. Advertising via social media is an effective way to do this as it is simple to establish and maintain a social media business page. Videos can be easily uploaded to show product usage and range whilst customer review videos can be used to convey positive comments from previous clients. If you are able to record the video yourself then you avoid the cost of paying someone to do this for you. Special incentives can be offered if people like and share the page such as entry into a competition to win products and in this way the company brand awareness is promoted.

It may be that you decide it would benefit your business to have a website alongside your other advertising. There are many online tutorials available on how to build your own website  with step by step instructions meaning that even if you are not an expert in this field you can still build a simple website much cheaper than paying for a custom-built site.