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Most charities are eager to raise funds in order to support the people, groups and organisations that they were set up to help. There are a variety of ways that different charities fundraise from running lotteries, holding events or selling merchandise but an effective way of raising awareness of a charity and inviting donations is to have a website.

Although the cost of setting up a website may seem prohibitive initially, it should be seen as an investment resulting in increased income for the charity over time. A simple website need not cost a fortune and can always be added to at a later date. Some web designers have a fixed price option for a straightforward website with approximately five pages which can include pages about the charity, how someone can get involved with fundraising and success stories about people that have been helped in the past.

It may be that there is someone already involved in the charity who would be willing to set up a website by using one of the many online website templates that are available. This could be a good idea especially if the website is solely about providing information for visitors to the site however if purchasing merchandise is a feature that is needed then a more complex website will be required and so using a professional web designer would be better.