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Google Adwords is a pay per click facility that allows you to build up a number of keywords that trigger ads to be displayed on the search engines results and on third party sites (if you chose this option). Many companies invest in Google Adwords and some can see a drastic increase in their visits when the campaigns are running.

When setting up an Adwords campaign you need to think very carefully about keywords, your advert, your budget, times of day and days on which it will be shown, where it will link to when clicked and also locations. There are numerous settings in the control panel which you can customise to your requirements.

With AdWords, you may want to start off small with one or two ad groups with up to 10 keywords in each. You will need to choose the match type i.e phrase match, exact or broad. Broad match will often get you more visitors but your ad may be showing for searches that are not relevant to your company and therefore you will be charged for the clicks without getting any conversions.

It is important to monitor your campaigns regularly and assess how far your budget is going and if it is being spent in the right areas.