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Many companies have some sort of news section on their website. It may be that the news that is displayed on their sites is their own personal news or sometimes it is industry news. Some businesses have a section for both and will also send out newsletters to a regular list of clients or potential customers informing them of new articles that have been posted.

There are many reasons as to why it is a good idea to have a news section on your website, but it will only work well for you if you are regularly updating it with fresh, relevant content. The search engines such as Google, tend to favour websites that often update the content on their site whether it be through main pages, news articles or a blog. This shows them that you as a business are active and always trying to offer your customers the most recent and relevant information.

Also many customers may be interested in the news section of your site and may even visit you site on a daily / weekly basis to see what is happening. If you always post a news article about major changes within the industry, then you may become known as a bit of a guru and attract many followers this way.