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Teaching is a job that many people dream about doing from as young as they can remember. But for some, working as a full-time teacher is not doable with other life commitments. This is when taking part in supply teaching in Cambridge comes in handy.

When you decide to work as a supply teacher, you are going to gain these benefits:

Flexibility: One of the main benefits people enjoy when considering supply teaching in Cambridge is flexibility. This simply means that you are able to pick and choose where and when you work. If something doesn’t take your fancy, you are able to decline to work offer. It is important to note that the work you complete will correlate to the pay you receive, the more jobs you take up, the more pay you will receive.

Contract Lengths: Another benefit you can receive is the range of contract lengths you can work with. Sometimes you will be secured a supply teaching in Cambridge employment with a longer contract. Giving you the security to cover a teacher for the length of their leave. Whilst others are shorter contracts, but it still helps to give you security, as well as knowing when you will need to find another employment to cover your bills.

Less Paperwork: Finally, when choosing to work as a supply teacher, you will receive the benefit of having less paperwork to complete. This is simply due to you only covering certain classes or lessons. The marking tends to be left up to their main teacher and not you. Making it easier for you to cover their lesson plan and just get the work done. However, it is important to note, that if you are covering for a longer time period, the paperwork will be yours to do.

Supply teaching in Cambridge is a great option for those who want the flexibility of working for different schools, for different age ranges, teaching different lessons and more. This can create a more enjoyable teaching experience for these people, but it is vital that you are adaptable if choosing to work as a supply teacher.

So, is supply teaching in Cambridge a good job option?

The answer to this simply depends upon your circumstances. If you are looking for the benefits we have listed above, then working as a supply teacher is going to be a great career choice for you. But remember, there is always the option to gain a full-time or part-time teaching position in schools across Cambridgeshire.

So yes, supply teaching is a good job option for those who believe it is going to be the best option. You just need to consider both options and choose the one that is going to be best for you.

Supply teachers play a huge part in the education of children today. So, if you want to play your part in helping the next generation, supply teaching may be the best option for you.