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When you are carrying out work on your website either general maintenance or uploading new content and you continually have problems with the speed of your internet it can be very time consuming. Sometimes reporting the issue to your service provider can lead to a resolution but there are other strategies that can be tried.

If your router is more than five years old, it may need updating which can be done quite simply by contacting your provider who will be able to check whether the router is working properly. Where the router is positioned could also create a problem as nearby electrical devices can cause interference with the Wi-Fi signal. Although moving it may be difficult, a computer engineer should be able to re-site the router in a better place thus improving the signal.

A signal booster which plugs into a power socket and into the back of the router uses your wired power supply to channel internet reception and is often used when the router is in a different room to your computer.

A further possible reason for your internet speed running slowly is that there are too many people in your household using the internet at the same time or that multiple apps are running in the background. It is worthwhile speaking to your service provider to see whether they offer a package that solves these issues and guarantees the speed of your internet.