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It is very easy to get a bit carried away with the functionality of your website and forget about what the viewers of the site actually want and need. You need to ensure that the customer can carry out certain tasks such as buying an item or enquiring about a service you offer, but always be sure to think about how easy it is for the customer to do so.

It can be a great idea to have additional functionality on your site but if it is not easy to use or doesn’t function correctly it can have an adverse effect. You may find that visitors leave your site and do not return because they are put off by issues on the site. Some companies chose not to put too much functionality on their site as they want to be able to get the customer on the phone to really sell what they are offering, so there is a balance and it differs from company to company.

When adding in any new part to a website it is very important to carry out sufficient tests prior to setting it live and it may be worth getting other members of staff or close friends to test it too in case you have missed something.