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Getting a new business known is one of the first things that a business owner needs to do and one way to do this is to hold an opening launch event. Online invitations can be sent out via an events page on social media alongside physical invitations and flyers sent out by post.

Setting up an events page is straightforward but will need to grab your potential customers attention. It should show the event name which should be short and to the point. Images on this page should be of good quality and reflect the theme of the event. Keep in mind that the vast majority of users will be accessing the site via a mobile device so ensure that the events page is equally as good on a mobile screen. The details about where and when your event is going to happen does not have to be on the first events page but can be on a further details tab.

Once you are happy with your event design you can select an appropriate category to list it under. Tags can also be added to link search results to your events page. It is a good idea to update the events page as the event draws nearer to keep the date fresh in peoples’ minds.