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Facebook is a great marketing tool to promote your business and website. It can be used in numerous ways, some of which are free some may cost. Many businesses have a profile on Facebook that they use to promote new products or services they offer or to inform people of an event that is coming up. It is so vast that it can become a little overwhelming if you don’t really know exactly what you are doing.

Facebook ads are paid for adverts. When setting up the ad campaign, there are a lot of options to choose from and it is often suggested that you use a profession. You need to first understand the structure of how the ad system works.

At the top level you have campaigns, then within these campaigns you can create multiple ad sets and then within each ad set you can set up several ads. Ads within the same ad set will use the same settings such as budget and where you choose to drive the traffic to. If you want to run an ad with different settings then you need to first create a new ad set then a new ad within that.