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With most of the shops still closed at present, online shopping for Christmas gifts, food and decorations has soared. This time of year is always very busy  for many retailers anyway but for some it is now their only way to trade.

Christmas marketing campaigns by the major retail brands have become more elaborate year on year, with social media now playing an integral part in this. These large companies compete for the best Christmas ad and often use social media sites to stir up interest and to get their viewers exciting and discussing it. Social media can be an extremely useful marketing too and many sites offer a free way to advertise your business. If you have products that are ideal for the festive season or that you want to put on sale, then taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday will often see an increase in your profits. This may be a lifeline for many businesses who have had to close twice due to lockdown restrictions in England.

If you are a small business owner you may feel that you cannot compete around Christmas time, but social media will allow you to get noticed along with some of the big players if you create the right campaign.