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Whether you are looking for information about something online or whether you are looking for a product or service your initial impression of the website you visit gives you an insight into the business and its ethos so it is essential that as a web designer you choose the best images on your home page to convey your brand in a positive way.

When you are choosing images or photographs to use on your website, be aware that you can only use images that are copyright free unless you are happy to pay for the right to use them.

Stock image sites often charge a one-off fee for their images whilst other sites charge for each single use or charge you a fixed price to allow you to use the images for a restricted time.

A more cost-effective option is to use images that are in the public domain or those that have a creative commons license as these can be used freely.

Another alternative is to use your own images as this is a good way to give your visitors a more personal inside view into your business location and meet your staff.

It goes without saying that the images used should be of excellent quality and that they look just as good when seen on a mobile device as when viewed on a computer.