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For any business it is important to not only have a business website but that the website does its job which is to bring in new business. The website homepage is the first encounter many potential clients will have with your business, so it is crucial that this first impression is a positive one. Web design has many features such as colour themes, different fonts and images and of course the text but it is important that the during that first encounter the visitor has they are encouraged to not only stay on the site but click through to other pages.

The homepage should have the name of your brand and your company logo in a prominent position, and this should also appear on each page thereafter so that your brand is being viewed multiple times by potential clients. The navigation links from the homepage should be distinct in the header and will give the visitor to your site a view of the content of the website instantly.

Call to action buttons can be used as a feature on your homepage enabling potential clients to click through to contact forms, price lists or galleries by clicking on buttons with text such as, View our work, Find Out More or simply Click Here.

Above all the homepage of any website should be engaging and informative and fulfil its purpose of bringing new business to your company.