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If you have a website then you may wonder if you need to have a new section or a blog or both? Ideally it is great to have both but only if they are used in the correct way. The news may be split in to industry news and news more specific to your company or you may just decide to stick to one. News should be just that, interesting developments that are happening or have happened, events that you may be attending or new products and services that are soon to be launched. A blog on the other hand is often written in a more informative way and can be used to discuss topics that are relevant to your industry.

It is important that you regularly update a news or blog section on your website but also that you do not duplicate the content across both. You should also never just copy and paste an article in its entirety on to your website as Google could actually penalise your site for doing so. You may want to add your news or blog feed through on to the home page of your site so that it shows the latest articles.