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If you are thinking of ways in which you can improve your organic listings on the search engines then you may consider link building. Link building is a technique that has been done for a number of years and can prove quite successful but you do need to take car as Google strongly advises that all links to your site should be natural and not paid for. It states that if they are paid for or obvious link building for SEO purposes then they will not be counted and could actually have a negative effect on your site. Links can help towards this as they essentially count as a vote for your website and the search engines like to promote popular websites.

Despite Googles suggestions many SEO companies will actually buy links in order to build this profile up. Years ago this was done by bulk buying links from other websites, not really paying much attention to the site they were coming from but SEO experts are now realising that they need to be a bit more picky about who links to their site. Ideally you want to build up as many natural links as possible, so if you are asked to write an article to go in a paper or magazine, then ask if they can publish the article with a link to your site on their website.