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Marketing is a vital part of business and no business can survive without a certain amount of marketing. Some companies may state that they do not do marketing as they find enough custom without having to do so, but the truth is even if they are getting business through word of mouth, it is still a form of advertising and marketing.

When marketing a product or service you need to be able to tell the viewer the name of the product or service the benefits or advantages it can give them and how they can find out more or buy it. Bearing this in mind when creating any marketing material will help you stay focused on what is important and how you can turn those people in to customers.

If you sell foundation for example then you may say the name of the product, the fact that it offers coverage for up to 12 hours and that it can be bought in your shop with the location listed or an online link. This makes the purchase decision process very straight forward for anyone who is interested. If you have a number of advantages to using your product or service then focus on two or three of the main ones.