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When it comes to marketing your website there are a number of different ways in which you may want to approach this. Some company’s sick to one of two tried and tested methods whereas other companies experiment with an array of marketing avenues and do a small amount of many to get the best results.
If you are looking into online marketing then this is often separated in to on page and off page marketing. On page marketing or optimisation includes improvement made on your actual website as opposed to the off page (which is done away from your site) in order to improve your search engine optimisation (ranking on search engine sites). The idea is that the optimisation will increase traffic to your site in order to bump up your sales or enquiries. On page, optimisation includes content marketing (adding new, relevant content or improving the content that is already on the site), internal linking to other pages and improving Meta data.
Other forms of online marketing include social media marketing, external link building and using paid for ads to increase traffic through to your site. This is known as off page or offsite marketing and ideally should be done in conjunction with on page marketing to get the best results.