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It is vital that you work closely with your web programmer in order to get the best out of your site and get a site that not only looks good but functions well too.

A web developer will program all the pages to look and function the way they should and often issues arise when the developer and the customer do not communicate properly. It may be that the customer knows exactly want they want but does not convey this correctly to the developer. This may lead to the developer assuming certain things and then finding out that was not what the client wanted. This can end up wasting time and money for everyone involved.

When taking through a new website or updates you want to an existing site it is often a good idea to draw a flow chart or sitemap and diagrams of how it should look and what should happen when different links are clicked on etc. This is an opportunity to iron out any issues before the programming starts.

Adding in additional features once programming has commenced often results in higher costs. When working with a developer communicate with them and ask their opinion as they are the experts.